Airplane James – OMM (Feat. AD) (Official Music Video)

Airplane James – OMM (Feat. AD) (Official Music Video)

airplane james ad omm video

Airplane James released Eastside Special in March and now he pushes “OMM” featuring AD with an official music video.

The Diamond Lane rapper heads to The Burger Palace with AD and his friends in the new footage.

Airplane James says this of his song:

“This record is in retrospect. My mindset when I was 16-18 inspired this record. Being that young ni**a in my neighborhood my goals were different. I felt if I just got hands on $2,600 USD for this ‘96 Green Camaro the homie was selling nobody could tell me shit. That kind of speaks to the recklessness too. Looking back $2,600 USD ain’t shit, so if that was the standard for me back then you can only imagine what other low life shit I was into. Lol play this for a Eastside ni**a and he already know what I’m speaking on.”

Watch the Outkast Marcoss-shot “OMM” video below. Eastside Special is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital services now.

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