Alex Wiley – Tangerine Dream II (Mixtape)

Alex Wiley – Tangerine Dream II (Mixtape)

alex wiley tangerine dream 2

Alex Wiley released “Very Close” a couple of weeks ago and now he’s back with Tangerine Dream II.

The mixtape contains 12 songs and features Calez and Hippie Sabotage.

Alex delivered Tangerine Dream in 2016 with contributions from Low GravityHippie Sabotage, and Thurteen Sounds. He’s followed with Village Party III: Stoner Symphony and Synthia, Pt. 1: Dial Tone alongside Mike Gao.

Stream Tangerine Dream II below or download a copy on iTunes now.

*Stream is only available in select international markets. Fans in the US will have to wait until midnight.

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