dawn new breed

DAWN is working on her new breed album and now she follows “jealousy” with the release of the project’s title-track.

She had this to say:

new breed. It’s been 3 years since I released the heart trilogy. I debated about putting out another project because being indie is not easy. I went back home to New Orleans and realized how much this city has shaped me into the woman I am and how much I missed the girl I was before the industry shit. New Orleans has been so much more than just a city for me. I will never forget the day she was ripped from us and we lost everything in one day. Our city has made us strong. I survived this industry, assault, misogyny, racism, colorism, homelessness, and so much more because we were taught to be warriors like the black indians in our family before us. To dance and sing through our pain. So here is a small project about what it means to be a ninth ward girl from Jonlee before the industry shit. Special thanks to Chief Montana and the Washitaw Nation for making this hand sewn mardi gras indian crown specifically for this project.

Listen to “new breed” below and pre-order the LP on iTunes before it arrives January 25th.

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