Ethan Sacii is back with a new mixtape called SaciiKlan.

The 12-track offering includes contributions from Yung Klan, Quevo Sacii, Xanny Tomy, and more.

Stream or download SaciiKlan below.

01. Ethan Sacii, Yung Klan, Quevo Sacii & WS Neuf Sacii – She In Luv [Prod. By Tasha Catour]
02. Ethan Sacii Feat. Yung Klan & Xanny Tomy – Parallel [Prod. By Devo]
03. Ethan Sacii Feat. Yung Klan – Dawg
04. Ethan Sacii Feat. Xanny Tomy & Yung Klan – Stick Up [Prod. By Hussein808Mafia]
05. Ethan Sacii Feat. Yung Klan – Forreal [Prod. By Swede808Mafia]
06. Ethan Sacii – Rich Habits [Prod. By Ayeyoque]
07. Ethan Sacii Feat. Yung Klan & Xanny Tomy – The Goat [Prod. By Hussein808Mafia]
08. Ethan Sacii Feat. Yung Klan – Rapper Weed [Prod. By TashaCatour]
09. Ethan Sacii – Lifestyle [Prod. By Xanny Klan & Thaillustrators]
10. Sacii Klan, Quevo Sacii & Yung Klan – Fakeness [Prod. By YoungBelushi]
11. Ethan Sacii feat. Yung Klan – Chucky Bride [Prod. By GaapFresh]
12. Ethan Sacii Feat. Xanny Tomy, Yung Klan & Sacii Klan – Blac Chyna [Prod. By Kapethegoat]

Download: Ethan Sacii – SaciiKlan (Mixtape)

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