Stream Lud Foe’s new No Hooks 2 mixtape

Lud Foe dropped his Get Well Foe mixtape while recovering from a devastating car accident earlier this year, and now he’s back with the second installment in his No Hooks series.

The 20-track project has only two features courtesy of Cago Leek and Stewie, letting the Chicago rapper get more personal with his growing fan base.

Stream No Hooks 2 via Apple Music or download a copy on iTunes now.

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01. Lud Foe – Water (prod. by Just Spvnk)
02. Lud Foe – Suffer (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
03. Lud Foe – Big Tymerz (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
04. Lud Foe – Boss (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
05. Lud Foe – Could’ve Bought (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
06. Lud Foe – Ewww (Feat. Cago Leek) (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
07. Lud Foe – Fallin Out (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
08. Lud Foe – I Hang (prod. by DY808)
09. Lud Foe – New (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
10. Lud Foe – Poof (prod. by Just Spvnk)
11. Lud Foe – Look Up 2 (Feat. Stewie) (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
12. Lud Foe – Side (prod. by Just Spvnk)
13. Lud Foe – Recuperate (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
14. Lud Foe – Regular (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
15. Lud Foe – 2 Da Money (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
16. Lud Foe – Using It (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
17. Lud Foe – Alphabet (prod. by DY808)
18. Lud Foe – Where My Scale (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
19. Lud Foe – Wired (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
20. Lud Foe – Duffle (prod. by Kid Wond3r)

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