Marquise Jackson – Different (50 Cent Diss)

On the 14-the anniversary of the release of his father’s classic album Get Rich or Die Tryin, 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson opens up about their relationship on his musical debut “Different.”

“That’s the first song that I ever, ever made,” he told Rap-Up. “[It’s] my first complete song with a hook and verses and everything. It was more or less me just venting, me getting a lot of frustrations, a lot of feelings out. People say they can hear the hunger inside the track and that’s what I was feeling at the moment.”

Marquise also discussed the “lost my pops, but he’s still alive” lyric:

“Growing up, my dad was my superhero. It was like having a father who was Superman, more or less. But then, as I got older, you start realizing things or you start seeing certain patterns and it takes an effect on your relationship with people. That’s what happened with me and my father.”

Listen below.

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