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OnCue announced I Hate Me Too earlier this month and now he delivers his anticipated project.

The album contains 12 tracks and has contributions from Ro Ransom, Brenton Duvall, Alex Lustig, Vally, Ymar, Turbz, Chill Shump, Maki, Steph C Baby, Zak Leever, and Jorge Arenas.

OnCue delivered “2.0,” “Business Boomin,” “New Thing,” “The Funeral,” and “Punch Drunk Love” in an effort to build excitement for his LP.

The New York artist recently lost his mother and posted to Instagram saying:

This was my mom (and some dude and my aunt). I chose this picture because, this is who she was down to her core. Mainly, she was a goofball. I got it from her. When she died, it naturally changed the direction of the album. An album that was once more or less a happy one, became a melancholy one and for weeks I was trying to change the album title, because it felt too morbid in context with her passing. But here’s the thing, the title itself started as a joke. Weeks went by I couldn’t think of a better one and I stopped myself and thought, would my mom care? Probably not. I’m writing this because it’s Mother’s Day, but to also try to explain she’s the massive figure looming over the album that’s about to come out. The color choices, the thematic elements, the transitions, were done with in her honor. She was my biggest source of inspiration when she was alive, and it’s amplified now that she isn’t. This isn’t a sympathy post, it’s a giving you some context post. It’s a celebration post. Because every single day, in my own way I’m keeping her alive. Call your moms tell em you love em!

He also says:

Someone asked me last week ‘Why blue? The hair, the merch, the videos, the album?” When I was a kid, probably 11, I asked my mom “When you die, how will I know you’re watching over me?” Her reply was “You’ll see a Blue Tulip.” Blue was her favorite color. Tulip her favorite flower. The thing is, they don’t really exist. I told her, “they don’t exist” so she said back “that’s how you’ll know it’s me.” So after she passed I got a blue tulip tatted on my hand. Now every single day I see a blue tulip. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my life in hopes it’ll help positively change others (and attempt to keep me sane). You’re not alone. I’m not either. Midnight.

Stream I Hate Me Too below or download a copy on iTunes now.

*Stream is only available in select international markets. Fans in the US will have to wait until midnight.

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oncue i hate me too tracklist

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