Pac Div ended March with the release of a new song called “Stoked” and now they’re back with their 1st Baptist album.

The 10-track project has no guest appearances allowing Like, Mibbs, BeYoung, and Swiff D to impress uninterrupted.

BeYoung said this of their journey together:

“In 2006 to 2011, a lot the stuff that we was rapping about and a lot of the guys we was bigging up and giving props to, they’re all poppin’ now. If nothing else, we know we have extraordinary taste. We were too early in a lot of ways, but timing is right at this moment. Before the music even mattered, we was boys – crackin’ jokes, hoopin’, goin’ over to each other’s houses.”

Listen to 1st Baptist LP below or download your own copy on iTunes now.

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*Stream is only available in select international markets. Fans in the US will have to wait until midnight.

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