Westside Gunn is working on a forthcoming album called Chris Benoit and now he serves up a fresh song called “Lotto” featuring Benny.

Gunn said this about his pending LP on Instagram:

“They wondered could I make an album better/equivalent to “FLYGOD” and I answered simply “CHRIS BENOIT.” This album is a MASTERPIECE. I invested thousands just on the original art piece by @isaacpelayo which to me now is the new Mona Lisa. EVERY beat, rhyme, feature is stellar as a true fan of HIP HOP and my love for ART. I can honestly say this will prove that I’m a LEGEND, I’ve never claimed to be the best lyricist but I make some of the best music and is behind/influence the best in the game this whaT the CULTURE NEEDED Westside Gunn – Lotto (Feat. Benny)Westside Gunn – Lotto (Feat. Benny)Westside Gunn – Lotto (Feat. Benny).”

Listen to “Lotto” below and expect Chris Benoit to arrive in the near future.

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