Will North has spent most of his adult life playing football for Penn State, but now looks to focus on his rap career by linking up with producer Maaly Raw on “A Different Talk.”

On the track, Will rhymes over Raw’s lofty instrumental expressing love for the finer things in life while keeping his feet rooted to the streets where he’s from in South Jersey.

When asked about the crossover from sports to being a lyricist North stated, “Football and rap are very similar as far as experiencing wins and losses. The key to it all is just staying humble and level headed throughout the process. I feel as though football actually prepared me for everything I’m getting ready to go through as an artist. When I was playing ball there were a lot of things I couldn’t speak on as far as how I was feeling about things in my personal life and things going on in the world. All because I was an athlete. Now, it’s different because music is based off emotions. I can speak on my life situations and emotions through music. If I want to make a party song, love song, or some street shit I can do that without being scrutinized.”

Listen to “A Different Talk” below and familiarize yourself with the name Will North. rapWAVE premiere.


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